Community Membership

When you either create a new community or edit an existing community, you'll see a Privacy settings section that allows you to control how users interact with your community.

Select from the options in this list:

  • Anyone can join (PUBLIC) - The community and its content are visible to non-members.
  • Joining requires admin approval (MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED) - Non-members can apply for access to the community, but a community administrator must approve each membership request.
    • Hide contributed content from non-members (PRIVATE) - Select this check box to hide the community content from non-members.
  • Joining requires an invitation (SECRET) - Non-members must be invited to join the community by a current community member. The community and its content are hidden from non-members.

    NOTE: To invite members to a community, visit the published community, click Administer group, and then click the Add people link.