Burners Without Borders

Updates on Louisiana Relief efforts by the BWB extended community for survivors of the Great Flood:

Current count is over 50 Burners who have directly contributed their labor, time, or resources to any one of a dozen different projects!

And now you can, too..

WITHIN MOUNT HERNON, Burners Without Borders can connect you with a campsite offering to provide electricity, hot water, 100 acres, and limited camper space for volunteers who are helping in the nearby unincorporated region by Greensburg. Underwater longer than most of the flood-zone, there are about 100 homes that have zero municipal infrastructure for receiving aid and are isolated from most relief efforts.

WITHIN NEW ORLEANS, Burners Without Borders can connect you with:

* Organizations and individuals housing volunteers who want to work on flood-relief.

* The Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University which prepares meals throughout the week at the industrial kitchen of Broad Street's Whole Foods, then distributes across the flood-zone with the Second Harvest food bank network of Louisiana.

* HandsOn New Orleans, who are mucking and cleaning in Hammond, LA; a city with 32% of the general population and 43% of minors live below the poverty line.

WITHIN BATON ROUGE, Burners Without Borders can connect you with:

* The Life Church Walker, willing to house volunteers and provide them with the distribution of necessities and meals to people of Walker and Denham Springs.

* The Immaculate Conception Church, mucking and cleaning houses in and around Scotlandville.

* An outfit focusing upon @Magnolia Estates and answering a mayor's call to create a Volunteer Village.


* Various donation drives are being coordinated. Donations will start shipping down on Tuesday.  Materials needed include: small household appliances, mattresses, prepackaged food, diapers, hygiene products, sleeping bags, sheets, bleach and other cleaning supplies.


* If you have an internet-connected computer and a telephone that can log into the call-center, ITDRC is an outstanding organization connecting flood-survivors with free-relief services in their neighborhood. Sign-up to volunteer here & don't be daunted if most of the IT skills don't apply to you; we still need you in the call-center from now through Sept 16th!