Attitude is Gratitude; A guided meditation by Angel Rose Nox

"You realize there are both good times and difficult times, somehow balanced, somehow in harmony. "

Attitude of Gratitude. A Guided Meditation by Angel Rose Nox

Relax in the chair, straightening your back if possible, or in whatever manner puts you most at ease. Sit comfortably, feet on the floor, hands and arms rested, eyes closed.
Free your mind of all thoughts and distractions 
Set the intention of gaining the best possible benefit from this exercise.
Focus on your breathing. 
Relax the muscles in your jaw and face. 
Close your eyes
Clear your mind

Breathe in slowly for the count of 3…
Allow that clearing breath, full of love and light and healing to circulate through your body … 1 – 2- 3
Now slowly for the count of three exhale.. 1 -2 -3

Now let’s repeat that …
Breathe in Slowly 1-2 -3
Hold and circulate the breath 1-2-3
Exhale slowly 1-2-3 

And one last time…
Breathe in Slowly 1-2 -3
Hold and circulate the breath 1-2-3
Exhale slowly 1-2-3

Focus on the substance of your breaths, the current running through your body, know that this energy is full of light love and healing.

Focus on your body.

Feel how thankful you are for the energy and life within you.

Think of the many wonderful ways that your body supports you so you are able to live your life.

Whatever the condition of your health, feel gratitude for the ways your body does support you.

Imagine a silver cord running up your center, from the ground to above you head.
Focus your breath and this energy downward.
As you breathe send the energy down to where your weight rests.
It is the root chakra point. It is the place of your belonging, your connection to the earth. A red shining sphere about 2 inches in diameter spinning at the base of your spine. This root is your foundation. It is constantly working and spinning keeping you grounded and working to give you an anchor. Breathe love and light into the sphere. Meditate on the work it does, It is here, you are here. It is a part of your essence it is your connection to the earth. And you have the right to be here, in this existence, in this place, at this time. You are present, supported and belonging to this connection with the earth and the life force of source. Thank your root, thank yourself.

When you are ready, allow your awareness to move up to your belly, just below your navel to your sacral chakra. It is orange, 2 inches in diameter and spinning just below your naval. This is the place of emotional intelligence, choice, creativity, and pleasure. It is constantly assisting you with creative energy, helping you to make your emotional choices with clarity. It helps you to laugh and enjoy pleasures and life. Breathe into your sacral chakra. Feed it with light and love. And invite in the color of the setting sun. Let the chakra bask in this energy, balancing, empowering, and motivating you. Honor yourself, let your chakra feed as much as it needs to be nourished. Thank your chakra for assisting you, your chakra is part of you, it is your need, when your needs are met you are full. Thank your chakra for this, thank yourself for taking this time to value yourself.

When you are ready let your energy and awareness rise to your abdomen. Your will center. Here you see a yellow sphere, 2 inches in diameter spinning. This is you strength. This chakra assists you in providing you with self will or will power. It is that which motivates you to “do it”. Breathe clear loving energy into the sphere. Breath the bright yellow afternoon sun into the sphere, allow it to feed as much as it wants and needs. Realize how much this chakra does for you every day, from the moment you get out of you bed until the second you will yourself to sleep. Thank this chakra for giving you the strength and will to do what you need to do every day.

When you are ready bring your awareness up to the center of your chest - to your Heart – Here spins a green and sometimes pink sphere that is approximately 2 inches in diameter. This is your heart chakra, your center of love. It connects to all the other chakras. It feeds them with light and love. Recognize this sacred light. Breath into it, love it. Fill it with light and the universal healing energy you are breathing. Reflect on all of the things you love. Realize it is this chakra that works for your ability to do this, to love. Feed this chakra this beautiful energy. Allow it to take all it needs. Thank the chakra, thank yourself for your ability to unconditionally love and be loved.

Now, when you are ready, move up to your neck – to your Throat, here spins a sky blue sphere, 2 inches in diameter. This is your throat Chakra - your place of self-expression. Your voice, the place where you can speak your truths. Recognize this place, this energy point. Breathe in the love, light, and healing energy of your breath. Recognize this chakra is always spinning helping and assisting you to hear and speak your truths, to express yourself freely in whatever modality you choose. Thank this chakra, thank yourself for this work of expression and truths. For the knowledge and clarity it assists you in voicing to yourself and others.

When you are ready, take your focus up to your forehead - between your eye brows - to your Third Eye. Here is an indigo sphere. It spins– This is your chakra of wisdom and intuition. This is the chakra helps you see what may not always be obvious. We all have this chakra. It provides us with inner knowing, inner vision, and r instincts. Breathe in light and love to this chakra. Allow it to feed as it needs, and allow the eye to be open and clear. Soothing it balancing it. Allow yourself to know all is enfolding as it needs to for your greatest and highest good. Forgive yourself the times when you may have not clearly understood the things it shows you. Now thank it, thank yourself. As we leave this place we are grateful and we will honor this sight more in the days to come.

Moving up, in your own time, to the top of your head, floating just above - Here we see a Purple or White sphere. This is your crown chakra. It spins just above your head much like a crown or perhaps a tiara if you choose. Recognize this chakra. This is what connects you to source, the heavens, and the divine. This is the chakra that tells us we are one with source and the energy that is
Gently breathe into this chakra. Invite love and light for your greatest and highest good. Allow it to feed as much as it needs and desires, softly bathing your Crown, balancing, and harmonizing you with the universal source. Now thank the chakra, know that you are thanking also yourself, and the source.
When you are ready take a step back, look at your energetic body as a whole, Look at the silver cord of light, stretching from below your feet to above your head. Connecting all the chakra points from root to crown. Recognize that they are all spinning and glowing. That they are aligning in creating you and working for your highest and greatest good. 
Now understand you are them, you are balanced at this moment. Thank yourself for this preparation work. Thank yourself for being a beautiful creature of light, who is exactly where you need to be, present at this moment. 

Now return to your body and take some healing breaths… it is time to go on a journey…
At this time with your eyes closed go back within.
Float in the clean clear healing loving energy that is you and your connectedness,
Clear your mind of all things…. Allow this time, this journey, this musing…
Nothing but white light surrounds you. It is peaceful and clear. You feel good, you feel present in this vision. 
Your focus and realize you are standing in a white room. You are safe and protected and loved, your guardians are with you,
You are at peace knowing this travel is for your greatest and highest good. 
There is a white door just visible in front of you, it beckons you.
You walk towards the door, completely safe and loved you open it and see a snow covered forest in front of you. It is serene and calm. There is a peace that surpasses all understanding.
A path is clearly visible. Your guardians nod as the path welcomes you to walk.
You begin to move down the path, although there is snow, you are amazingly warm and comfortable. You understand somehow that in this place time stands still. It is always perfect and beautiful. There are winter birds singing in the trees. The sky is both day and night… on the right the sun shines and on the left the stars glow. This should not in any other existence be possible but here, it is not only possible it is perfect. Time stands still even as the occasional bird sings and the forest creatures play in the trees. All is calm and graceful. 
You continue to walk down this path full of serenity, knowing you are safe, invited, and awaited on. You also know there is no need to hurry. Hurrying is for moving time and here time does not move. It is exquisite and ageless. You are present in the peaceful place that surpasses understanding and surrounded by beauty only your eye can see and understand. There is no noise or anything that will distract or interrupt. All things in this realm understand this and accept this with honor, reverence, and love. They watch you with curiosity and respect and welcome. You feel only love, there is no need to speak or even think. You just walk down this divine path, absolutely welcome, safe, and embraced by the love of this place... as it is honored, it honors you.
Take your time, breathe and walk… Enjoy this path… 
Slowly when you are ready you begin to see the path coming to an end into a clearing. There is a small fire ahead with a cauldron over the top. There are two tree stumps that are welcoming places to sit… There is also a small table with an extraordinary hour glass sitting upon it. 
The trees whisper and invite you to sit. You do. You look at the cauldron over the fire and see it is not boiling but sits still with a reflective fluid inside of it, yet is surface seems significant, you get the idea that it could tell any story it needed to with the proper use. 
Across from you, next to the other tree stump, on the table sits the hourglass. It is far too invaluable and potent to touch. You look at it from the distance. It is majestic with gold and the glass is so clear and elegant, rare and delicate yet stronger too then anything you have ever seen before. 
As you ponder the hourglass it becomes more focused in your vision even as you do not approach it. You realize it is far too large to only keep the time of an hour and that surely it must contain eons.
The sand with in the glass is wholly amazing. It is not just brown, it appears to be crystallized grains of all the colors in the spectrum. Your vision focuses on the grains, you see that they almost have a mirror effect. You come to realize that each grain contains a mirror, with reflections upon reflections…
Although you may want to stare and lose yourself in them you do not, your vision will not allow it. You realize this instrument of magic is far beyond human understanding or knowing and you also know that this time piece is a symbol and tool belonging to one much greater. 
You have an inkling of a message, you are filled with ideas that time is a reflection, an illusion. It is always there never ending, what seems to be is only what seems. It is all a lesson. Existence… 
As these thoughts flow you hear a laugh, a beautiful almost Jolly laugh… You are not afraid, you are safe, on the tree stump. You look up to see a long white robed man standing behind the opposite stump.. You really have no idea how he got there he simply just appeared. He gently smiles at you and waves his hands.
He welcomes you by name and laughs. 
You know that he is Chronos , he is father time. He is the keeper of the hourglass. He is here to guide you through your memories. He will help you see the reflections…He will help guide the memory.. “
You realize what a great gift you are being offered and that this being, the master of time is here to help you with this. 
Talk to Father Time. Tell him what it is that you wish to see, to reflect upon. What weighs on you, what has inspired you, what has taught you or made you feel the most this last year?
After you have spoken to him you see that he with great kindness, great patience, and great understanding smiles at you he stands and turns to his time piece. He gently caresses its surface then taps his finger on the top of it. You watch as a tiny grain of crystal rises up through the top of the instrument and hovers in the air just atop of his now pointed finger…
He motions at the grain and somehow an even tinier almost invisible piece separates from the larger crystallized grain. It is somehow very visible and very present to you, yet it is smaller than the tiniest beam of light. He motions and the larger crystal stations itself hovering just over top of the time piece. With his finger he directs the smaller crystalline point to the cauldron. It floats over to the cauldron and dips itself into the reflective surface. With the slightest touch… an image appears. 
He beckons for you to watch the pictures. You somehow understand that you must watch from this perspective, it is best not to drown in a memory, but to watch it from above, to learn what you must. This is only a piece of your time, a memory… it is an illusion story to learn what lessons you may have missed. 
You move forward, you look into the and begin your review. You realize there are both good times and difficult times, somehow balanced, somehow in harmony. 
Breathe now and watch…..
Watch to see the entire picture not only the difficult memories but the brilliant bright ones as well….

(5 minutes)

After a time you feel his hand upon your shoulder. He encourages you now.
You realize it is time to look only at the beauty of this picture.
You start seeing all of the reasons you have smiled, loved, laughed, breathed, and yes even cried, because you know those tears have been proof of how loving and deserving of love that you are. For your greatest and highest purpose, these moments are only a microscopic piece of a crystallized grain a grain among millions… Millions of life times... Millions of YOUR life times...
You suddenly understand that this one time piece, powerful, exquisite and so very treasures, this glass filled with eons, contains only your stories. Your lifetimes. This grain you have just viewed, is only a microscopic portion of a single grain, also microscopic among eons and eons of time. With a wave of clarity you understand there is a time piece for every soul. Each one treasured and fantastic.
Father Time Smiles for your understanding 
You focus again on the cauldrons reflections… the pieces of the last year, they float together and the memories for one large portrait, it is a reflection of your soul, right here, right now, absolutely perfect in its strengths, its weakness, its light and its dark... it is perfectly formed and perfectly present. It is exactly where it needs to be.
Father time turns to you. HE then beckons to the crystallized grain… it hovers over the once again clear reflective cauldron... he beckons to the reflection, the reflections rises as a duplicate of the crystallized grain
With a motion of his finger the duplicated crystal flies over you. A gift, a gift to remember your gratitude’s. 
Take the crystal memory and place it into your heart.
You do this remembering memories may be illusion, yet they are also treasures, embracing us in their timelessness. 
Thank Him.
He smiles and nods his head, the crystal grains flow back into the time piece. As suddenly as he appeared, He the cauldron, the table and the hourglass all shimmer away. 
Close your eyes in the clearing and breath, 1, 2, 3. Slowly allow yourself to return to the white room.
Remember all of the lessons you have learned, remember all the treasures in your heart, remember your gratitude’s.
When you are ready, open your eyes and begin writing your gratitude list.