Adding A Little Unity

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The tradition of the Unity candle is a fairly new one.  It is mostly practiced in the United States but is a tradition all over the world.  When a ceremony is held, two taper candles are used, usually by the bride and groom, to light a pillar (unity) candle.  In some ceremonies some couples will light the unity candle during a song that they have chosen that has sentimental value.  Other couples may choose to light the candle while the minister/officiant displays a narrative.  During the lighting process, the single taper candles represent the two single lives of the couple that will soon join in matrimony by lighting the main unity candle.  Then they will blow out their own candles, symbolizing the end of their separate lives and celebrating their joint matrimony.  If a couple has family members such as children, this is a great way to also get them involved by possibly lighting the taper candles before the bride and groom light the unity candle.

You don't have to use the traditional pillar and taper candles.  In it's place you can use candles that are symbolic of your heritage, that are of your favorite color, or that were given to you with special meaning.  How ever you decide to do it, you can now do so knowing what lighting the unity candle means in terms of marriage.

Rev Pam will personally pour your candle during a special ritual prior to your ceremony, incorporating charms, prayers, flowers herbs and incense into the wax.  Each candle is individually made, by hand and is generally white as a base color with other colors possible added for their magickal significance or to match your wedding colors, or choosing the colors for personal meanings.

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