Pagan Origin in a Christian Belief System: Discussions about Religion Lead By Michael Alger

Why is it that people in general cling to Christianity? I will tell you is because they need hope. How they can get a good job, car or whatever the desire maybe. You can not even see what there faith teaches. Not to mention the Christian say you can feel the spirit. Why do you, my Pagan friends think? Let me hear about your point of view. Looking forward to hearing from you.

My Moonthly Blog

Every Moonth I release a new blog. In it you will find my personal thoughts and below those the last Moonth's collection of book news, archeology, herbs, nature, climate, health, Celtic, Druidic, religion, Fairy, politics and ethics news. So keep scrolling down! For those who are wary of politics - please remember that I am a Druid and historically Druids have been political advisors to the people. I take my Druidic functions very seriously!

This month, I'd like to focus on the loss of a pet.

When I was young, I had a beagle named Pepper that I grew up with. My brother brought her home when I was 2 and we were inseparable until I was a freshman in high school. Pepper was 15 when my mother made the decision that it was time to have to let her go. I understood that she was old and had a lot of medical issues going on, but I thought my mother was so mean and cold to do that to her.

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

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Hello everyone and happy Monday!!  As promised, before I make a new tarot spread blog for the week, I'm making an entry with all the links for the individual card readings for my last tarot spread.  Click on them if you'd like, or not, or feel free to ask me to pull a card for you for a specific question/day.  And then a new tarot spread for the week!

Why Are We Hurting More People To Prove We're Right? What's your take on this?

Explain this to me... please? 

I dont understand why our trust has gotten so poor. Trust in the system is gone.. certainly theres some "skepticism" about our president elect. Facebook marks thousands of people "dead" on their profiles. So we protest. Our right as Americans, and then we break window of stores, burn cars, and even our shoot Americans.


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