Summertime is Monarch Butterfly Time

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Hello, everyone!

How is everyone's summer going?  There's only a month and a half to go until school starts back up again.  It's crazy to think about.  What is your favorite summer activity? Please comment below and let me know!  This is what I've been doing with my summer... 

So What Are You Doing To Celebrate Ostra? Here's what I did for Imbolc. Comments?

My son and I have an Imbolc ritual we do every year that includes playinig the little flute he got in fourth grade. Hes a grown man now and I miss those times.  Here is the ritual we did every year. 

Im interested in knowing what you did. and what your plans are for Ostra.



Each family member has a white candle with one big white candle on the alter not lit. 

wrap the corn dolly in a white dress

You can truly make a difference -this bus driver did I am posting this blog from my cell phone so you might have to copy and paste the URL above I just saw this on ABC News how a simple school bus driver used his simple job to connect and touch so many families thatin his community that the entire city got together and got him tickets to see his favorite football

Offerings: The Energy of Reciprocation

Offerings are often an integral part of practice for many Pagans (of any variety; witches, Wiccans and more -oh my! ) But is the practice leaving offerings something that is outdated and what are some of the reasons we might choose to do this? I stood over the stove this morning preparing an offering of gratitude when the inspiration for this article came to mind. In this, I’ll tell you how I feel about offerings and what I think about them as I’m sure there are varied opinions.

Men Can Be Witches by Tamarra

The ambiguity of the word witch makes many people feel very uncomfortable and yet, that is what makes it amazing. This morning, I woke up to rather unconstructive commentary regarding how people feel about the concept that a man could be a witch.


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