Herbs & Pagans Part II Herbal Teas

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In this, the second in a series of webinars on hers and Pagans, we look at herbal teas.

This webinar was presented live on Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017. There is a slight delay of about 25 seconds at the start, so just be patient :-).

Blessed be.


Herbs & Pagans Part I - WATCH NOW

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This is the first in a series of webinars on Herbs and Pagans. The webinar was presented live. This is a recording of that presentation. In this first episode, we look at herbs and Pagans throughout history.

While not the most "entertaining" webinar of the series, it serves to lay a solid foundation for those that follow.





Halloween Treats That Feed the Mind and Soul. What Can You Do To Make A Difference? - By Rev Pam

I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and every year the kids that stop by my door get a special treat.  I never give out candy (except that year I added the eye-ball gumballs) I always give out toys, pencils, erasers, etc. combined with a little printed out paper I make myself on the computer. The last several years it has been about religious tolerance and gave a 3rd grade viewpoint on historic facts, had a picture to color and a holiday word puzzle. 

Let's all promote our friendlypagans site and community! Help bring like minded people together from across the US.

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 We can all participate in promoting our friendlypagans site by placing FP flyers on message boards in our favorite pagan friendly businesses.  It's really quick and easy. As you shop make a quick check for message boards. When you spot one, show the flyer to the manager and ask if you can post one on their board or if you can leave some for the taking. All the businesses I've dealt with have been happy to have our flyers displayed.

Please Share Our New Friendly Pagan Video

Our Friendly Pagans Social Community is starting to take off and this is a little video I created to help you share the site with others. The voice over is from a radio commercial airing on RebelRadio.com 

Also - by linking this website, your profile page, blog or calendar on your website will help increase your website's organic search results. I hav attached a cool small logo for linking. 


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