So What Are You Doing To Celebrate Ostra? Here's what I did for Imbolc. Comments?

My son and I have an Imbolc ritual we do every year that includes playinig the little flute he got in fourth grade. Hes a grown man now and I miss those times.  Here is the ritual we did every year. 

Im interested in knowing what you did. and what your plans are for Ostra.



Each family member has a white candle with one big white candle on the alter not lit. 

wrap the corn dolly in a white dress

Then and Now A Look at Sexual Tension from the 70's

I propose a question- Is it right to hold people to the standards of a new erra? Conversation please...  

OKay. Those who know me will say this is just another "Pam" moment - but I had to write.  this is a crone moment for me for sure, I really was very innocent when I was as a kid.  Even tho I was barefoot walking down the street smoken cigarettes and weed. 

MUST SEE Sacred Pleasure performed by Shawna Carol danced by Isa Maria and Daniel Nelson

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This amazing video literally made me cry. Great job you guys.  ( hope you post on our website here too :) This is what I miss about public ritual in Chicago  ENJOY!

​btw there is a second verse to this. and it is sung in a round. 1/2 the people are singing sacred pleasure pleasure sacred while the other 1/2 sing the verse. 


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