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HELP SPREAD THE WORD! There are tons of ways you can help and support our Friendly Pagans community. Spreading the word and being active on your profile is the best! Share our link on your facebook page. Get your friends to join you too. Soon we hope to launch the site to the public and bring the pagan community a place they can join together. 

Please Share Our New Friendly Pagan Video

Our Friendly Pagans Social Community is starting to take off and this is a little video I created to help you share the site with others. The voice over is from a radio commercial airing on RebelRadio.com 

Also - by linking this website, your profile page, blog or calendar on your website will help increase your website's organic search results. I hav attached a cool small logo for linking. 

Divination -More Than Telling The Future by Tamarra Collier

I don't know about you but with the New Year just around the corner, my mind shifts to looking into those new energies by way of divination!  If you look up the definition of divination on Google you get the answer: The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.  I’d like to elaborate on that by defining it differently.

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Get featured in an upcoming newsletter or on our home page. Message me, Pam, by clicking here. To be considered for inclusion in the next issue all of your events, communities and profiles must be updated by the 22nd of the month.

Start a Blog We will Feature You. Get ten Follows We will Feature You. Have a cool event - We will feature you
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Parents- Calling All Pagan Parents.

We need contributions to this page. Help us help you connect. 

I remember when my son was scout age - it was crazy hard to find a pagan group or materials to print out.  This page is suppose to solve that.  But we need your help!

Please message me if you want to upgrade your profile to featured blogger.  We would love your input. 

Happy Autumn - great time to rake up so friends!

As the leaves fall and the wheel of the year moves once again, what a great time to share friendly pagans with friends. Try printing one of our great and free gift certificates found on the home page.  there's a great Halloween version you could give with your treats. Try using your messaging and search the people option (top right - site changes to people) Great way to meet pagans all over the US. 


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