Let's all promote our friendlypagans site and community! Help bring like minded people together from across the US.

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 We can all participate in promoting our friendlypagans site by placing FP flyers on message boards in our favorite pagan friendly businesses.  It's really quick and easy. As you shop make a quick check for message boards. When you spot one, show the flyer to the manager and ask if you can post one on their board or if you can leave some for the taking. All the businesses I've dealt with have been happy to have our flyers displayed.

New Crone on the Block: A Solitary’s Experience of Greater Chicagoland Pagan Pride Day by Our Own Blog-mysteress Martha Capo'

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Back in the 1980s, in my young twenties and newly emancipated from my restrictive Protestant upbringing in the Deep South, I groped for an expression of faith that could accommodate my pesky square-peggedness and discovered the writings of Scott Cunningham. I remember thinking, “THIS!

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Happy Autumn - great time to rake up so friends!

As the leaves fall and the wheel of the year moves once again, what a great time to share friendly pagans with friends. Try printing one of our great and free gift certificates found on the home page.  there's a great Halloween version you could give with your treats. Try using your messaging and search the people option (top right - site changes to people) Great way to meet pagans all over the US. 

We are Marketing On Your Behalf

Post a cool event... and we'll advertising and marketing it. 

We pay for click, send post cards, email marketing, SEM SEO, tweet and social media share your events.  Starting May 16 ( today ) we will Hoot your event to our marketing group.  If you pick up a post and reshare it will help even more. 

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