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Hello, my name is Shion Flame (Tamarra). I reside in a small southern Missouri town with my eleven-year-old daughter who loves glittery things, my three furry cats, two spunky dogs and my loving, sarcastic partner. Though I’ve worked in small community groups such as Guild of the Bear, Circle Dragon Sage, UUCEP Pagans and Circle Crossroad, I consider myself a solitary witch, mystic and artist. In my spare time I write for witchvox.com as Shion Flame and Guidingflame.net (personal blog). My magic is of hearth and home, love and life; it is simple, practical and integrated into every-day living. In 2013 I became a community minister for the purpose of officiating weddings, performing baby blessings and other rites of passage for the Pagan community. I am looking forward to sharing what I've learned with the community through teaching. I hope to meet many new people.


Offerings: The Energy of Reciprocation

Offerings are often an integral part of practice for many Pagans (of any variety; witches, Wiccans and more -oh my! ) But is the practice leaving offerings something that is outdated and what are some of the reasons we might choose to do this? I stood over the stove this morning preparing an offering of gratitude when the inspiration for this article came to mind. In this, I’ll tell you how I feel about offerings and what I think about them as I’m sure there are varied opinions.

Men Can Be Witches by Tamarra

The ambiguity of the word witch makes many people feel very uncomfortable and yet, that is what makes it amazing. This morning, I woke up to rather unconstructive commentary regarding how people feel about the concept that a man could be a witch.

Divination -More Than Telling The Future by Tamarra Collier

I don't know about you but with the New Year just around the corner, my mind shifts to looking into those new energies by way of divination!  If you look up the definition of divination on Google you get the answer: The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.  I’d like to elaborate on that by defining it differently.

Magic and Integrity - begin to heal aspects of the world. By One Of Our Featured Bloggers Shion

Years ago, when I aided in teaching young children martial arts, we would attempt to teach children vocabulary relevant to their lessons.  One lesson was integrity.  It was defined as “Doing what is right even when no one is looking.”  The questions that rise to the surface are; What do you stand for?  What code do you live by?