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By day; I am a pagan wedding officiant who performs legal handfastings, same-sex and different-sex marriages in my 1920's home and garden in Chicago, Illinois. By night; I am a mom of a college student, run a marketing company, and try to make a difference so this world is just a tish better after I leave it. My partner and I, Jon started this website to assist like-minded peoples to connect. I hope you like it!


Parents- Calling All Pagan Parents.

We need contributions to this page. Help us help you connect. 

I remember when my son was scout age - it was crazy hard to find a pagan group or materials to print out.  This page is suppose to solve that.  But we need your help!

Please message me if you want to upgrade your profile to featured blogger.  We would love your input. 

Yuletide Carols - Here are Some To Share

Just making plans for a little singing at the coven meeting coming up in December. So I put this together with the intent you could make copies and pass it along. I copied the balnk page too so you could edit as needed.  However, my scanner is on the blink and there's a crazy line. (sorry) but it's still fun with the coven mates and the kiddies...


Why Are We Hurting More People To Prove We're Right? What's your take on this?

Explain this to me... please? 

I dont understand why our trust has gotten so poor. Trust in the system is gone.. certainly theres some "skepticism" about our president elect. Facebook marks thousands of people "dead" on their profiles. So we protest. Our right as Americans, and then we break window of stores, burn cars, and even our shoot Americans.

National Popular Vote

National Popular Vote. 

Sounds simple. Sounds fair - like... every vote would actually COUNT! However - it's not like it sounds... some hate the Electoral College. But the two can co-exsist.  

Did you know...? ( Taken from their website...) again we can make  difference. Logon and if you agree - find a way to help.



Happy Autumn - great time to rake up so friends!

As the leaves fall and the wheel of the year moves once again, what a great time to share friendly pagans with friends. Try printing one of our great and free gift certificates found on the home page.  there's a great Halloween version you could give with your treats. Try using your messaging and search the people option (top right - site changes to people) Great way to meet pagans all over the US. 

We are Marketing On Your Behalf

Post a cool event... and we'll advertising and marketing it. 

We pay for click, send post cards, email marketing, SEM SEO, tweet and social media share your events.  Starting May 16 ( today ) we will Hoot your event to our marketing group.  If you pick up a post and reshare it will help even more. 

Did You Know You Could Sponsor Friendly Pagans?

Friendly Pagans - Sponsor Us!

HELP SPREAD THE WORD! There are tons of ways you can help and support our Friendly Pagans community. Spreading the word and being active on your profile is the best! Share our link on your facebook page. Get your friends to join you too. Soon we hope to launch the site to the public and bring the pagan community a place they can join together. 

Please Share Our New Friendly Pagan Video

Our Friendly Pagans Social Community is starting to take off and this is a little video I created to help you share the site with others. The voice over is from a radio commercial airing on 

Also - by linking this website, your profile page, blog or calendar on your website will help increase your website's organic search results. I hav attached a cool small logo for linking. 


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Friendly Pagans is a free website and we hope you love it, find vendors and have a blast with pagan friends. However, our main goal is to facilitate a community of helpful friendy pagans who can collectively band together to make positive change for the Earth we all share.

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The Broom Closet

Commons Groups: Group contributor count and topics

The Broom Closet is a metaphysical/healing center in Burlington, Iowa.  It is the hub of the pagan community in Southeast Iowa.  Our physcial building is closed as we are waiting for our new space to be built.  We are told by the end of summer 2017!!

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