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By day; I am a pagan wedding officiant who performs legal handfastings, same-sex and different-sex marriages in my 1920's home and garden in Chicago, Illinois. By night; I am a mom of a college student, run a marketing company, and try to make a difference so this world is just a tish better after I leave it. My partner and I, Jon started this website to assist like-minded peoples to connect. I hope you like it!


YOUR COMMENTS WANTED. What's The Deal with Terry Mcauliffe? This Guys Sounds Like He Should Be The Next President.

What do you know about terry-mcauliffe? My only information is the July 19, 2017 episode on the Daily Show with trevor-noah. He sounds like he has a plan and the state of Virgina is better for it. He suports LGBT - womens rights - fair voting, medical expansion. God - if this guy is for real - he needs to be president. 
Listen to the interview below and comment here - Im interested in knowing what you know about him. 

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Friendly Pagans is a free website and we hope you love it, find vendors and have a blast with pagan friends. However, our main goal is to facilitate a community of helpful friendy pagans who can collectively band together to make positive change for the Earth we all share.

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The Broom Closet is a metaphysical/healing center in Burlington, Iowa.  It is the hub of the pagan community in Southeast Iowa.  Our physcial building is closed as we are waiting for our new space to be built.  We are told by the end of summer 2017!!

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