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By day; I am a pagan wedding officiant who performs legal handfastings, same-sex and different-sex marriages in my 1920's home and garden in Chicago, Illinois. By night; I am a mom of a college student, run a marketing company, and try to make a difference so this world is just a tish better after I leave it. My partner and I, Jon started this website to assist like-minded peoples to connect. I hope you like it!


Pagans fight for a slot on "Thought for the Day"

Pagans have demanded a voice on Thought for the Day.

Stuart Jeffery, a druid, has launched a petition that calls for the group to be represented in the daily segment broadcast on the BBC's Today Program. The program has never featured a pagan speaker, and also does not include atheist or humanist speakers.

So What Are You Doing To Celebrate Ostra? Here's what I did for Imbolc. Comments?

My son and I have an Imbolc ritual we do every year that includes playinig the little flute he got in fourth grade. Hes a grown man now and I miss those times.  Here is the ritual we did every year. 

Im interested in knowing what you did. and what your plans are for Ostra.



Each family member has a white candle with one big white candle on the alter not lit. 

wrap the corn dolly in a white dress

You can truly make a difference -this bus driver did I am posting this blog from my cell phone so you might have to copy and paste the URL above I just saw this on ABC News how a simple school bus driver used his simple job to connect and touch so many families thatin his community that the entire city got together and got him tickets to see his favorite football

Then and Now A Look at Sexual Tension from the 70's

I propose a question- Is it right to hold people to the standards of a new erra? Conversation please...  

OKay. Those who know me will say this is just another "Pam" moment - but I had to write.  this is a crone moment for me for sure, I really was very innocent when I was as a kid.  Even tho I was barefoot walking down the street smoken cigarettes and weed. 

Halloween Treats That Feed the Mind and Soul. What Can You Do To Make A Difference? - By Rev Pam

I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago and every year the kids that stop by my door get a special treat.  I never give out candy (except that year I added the eye-ball gumballs) I always give out toys, pencils, erasers, etc. combined with a little printed out paper I make myself on the computer. The last several years it has been about religious tolerance and gave a 3rd grade viewpoint on historic facts, had a picture to color and a holiday word puzzle. 


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Friendly Pagans is a free website and we hope you love it, find vendors and have a blast with pagan friends. However, our main goal is to facilitate a community of helpful friendy pagans who can collectively band together to make positive change for the Earth we all share.

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The Broom Closet is a metaphysical/healing center in Burlington, Iowa.  It is the hub of the pagan community in Southeast Iowa.  Our physcial building is closed as we are waiting for our new space to be built.  We are told by the end of summer 2017!!

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