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Hi I'm Rev Pam, and I am a Chicago Pagan Wedding Officiant and I travel a five state area officiating legal weddings, civil unions, same sex marriages, and pagan handfastings (both legal & spiritual ones). I also hold weddings in my home, Pine Manor in Chicago, Illinois. here is my website: I write and perform private wedding ritual and pickup your specific path. I perform over a hundred twenty + weddings every year and about 1/3 of the are handfastings. I love the tradition and I braid these magickal cords and ship them worldwide. I believe I make an authentically magick wedding cord, charged in a personalized blessing ritual designed specifically for the couple. As well as full pagan ritual, namings / wiccanings. This means that you can now have a legally binding marriage ceremony that suits your personal needs at your chosen location, or get married at the High Priestess’ 1920’s home and garden located just minutes from Chicago O'Hare Airport. My home is called Pine Manor and it's filled with love and positive energy, perfect to complement your binding. At http://Chicago Pagan I also work as a Wedding Planner, and will take your wedding preparations off your shoulders but never out of your hands. With 1920’s Charm and suburban hospitality, this facility is available year round from 8am to 8pm every day, and available to book late night full moon rites and sun-rise ceremonies. Dates and times are limited, but, Rev Pam only needs $75 dollars to reserve your date and time. More info about a handfasting wedding go to


MUST SEE Sacred Pleasure performed by Shawna Carol danced by Isa Maria and Daniel Nelson

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This amazing video literally made me cry. Great job you guys.  ( hope you post on our website here too :) This is what I miss about public ritual in Chicago  ENJOY!

​btw there is a second verse to this. and it is sung in a round. 1/2 the people are singing sacred pleasure pleasure sacred while the other 1/2 sing the verse. 

I Blame the Equal Rights Movement

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Check Scam Shows General Lack Of Respect in Nation Today

It's all how you look at this...

I just received a cashiers check scam.  Its certified and drawn on Farmers Bank however, its fraud.  the check was written for more than my fee ( I marry people) and they wanted the difference back in cash. 

What is Passover?

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The Holiday of Passover is an eight-day festival celebrated in the early spring. The holiday commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt.  By following the rituals of Passover, the follower trys to relive and experience the true freedom that our ancestors gained.

Jonathon Rogoff - you wanna get in on this one? 

Chicago Pagan Weddings

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Chicago Pagan Weddings. A Spiritual Wedding Location in Chicago's NWSuburbs. Beautiful garden location and officiation by High Priestess Rev Pamela. A wedding that understands your path and how your family interacts.  Tie The Knot Handfasting Cords Made In Ritual Meditation Specifically for the couple.

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