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Co-owner of Familiar Territory, a free site for pagans. We featured articles, spells, video lessons and much more. We also run the Familiar Territory Pagan Store. Our Pagan writers research and write in-depth articles on a variety of Pagan topics, and our Ask A Witch feature has become very popular with many readers.


Path of the Green Witch Part1 By David Waren

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I follow a path known as Green – making me a green witch. It’s not one of the popular paths, nor is it one that many identify as a path of Wicca, and for good reason.

That doesn’t mean I don’t “borrow” from some of the established Wicca practices though.

Herbs & Pagans Part II Herbal Teas

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In this, the second in a series of webinars on hers and Pagans, we look at herbal teas.

This webinar was presented live on Sunday, Nov. 26, 2017. There is a slight delay of about 25 seconds at the start, so just be patient :-).

Blessed be.


Herbs & Pagans Part I - WATCH NOW

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This is the first in a series of webinars on Herbs and Pagans. The webinar was presented live. This is a recording of that presentation. In this first episode, we look at herbs and Pagans throughout history.

While not the most "entertaining" webinar of the series, it serves to lay a solid foundation for those that follow.





Familiar Territory Pagan Store

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Our online Pagan store provides a wide selection of Pagan items. We hand pick each item and craft many of them ourselves. We add to our stock often and provide a free catalog you may download and browse through at your convenience (because browsing through our hundreds of items online can take a while :-) )

For our friends here, please use the coupon code FBSave and get an instant 15% off any order.

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