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No 'cookie cutter' format here, Rebel Radio Chicago and famous Chicago Radio personality, Scott Davidson has been rock'n the airwaves since 1994 with standout metal that sells millions, but, doesn't receive enough airplay on traditional radio stations. The hardest station in the nation, Rebel Radio Chicago stands alone in award-worthy programing. The unique hard rock format and Scott Davidson's voice of personality has build a huge loyal listener base. Combined with Internet Connections Marketing and targeted press release coverage, the Rebel advertiser sees huge advantage and success driving clicks to their website, event page or social media profile. Happy customers are return customers, and with this streaming live radio Internet marketing combination, you will see fast results The Hardest Station in the Nation The Metal You Love Streaming 24/7

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Rebel Radio is the nations "hardest" station streamin' 24/7 directly to your computer - or, download the FREE "TUNE IN" AP and listen on your smart phone or tablet. Amazing special features, Thursday "Home Grown" show interviews the people making today's metal music. Listen daily to DJ Personality Scott Davison as he announces the 420 song of the day. Loyal listeners

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