Sublime Elms ~ Full Hunger/Cleansing Moon Esbat for February

Full Hunger/Cleansing Moon Esbat for February 

Lunar phase on February 10, 2017 - 03:33:58 PM is Full Moon.
The 14 days old Moon is in ♌ Leo with Spells involving power over others, courage, child birth.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Gathering at 7:30pm

Ritual by Dara and Dana at 8pm

There’s never a fee to attend our circle.

On this February Hunger Ice Moon, We ask the Old Ones for help in planning our future. The growing light gives us hope, but there are still hard days of winter ahead. Even with the icy grip still upon the world, you feel the life force awakening and know that your life must begin to quicken. Many things can unfold this year, but which way should they go? The sabbat of Imbolc and the month of February are times of divination. This is the time of the ‘seer’ within.

February Correspondences:

Hunger Moon (February) Also known as: Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Solmonath (Sun Month), Big Winter Moon
Nature Spirits: house faeries, both of the home itself and of house plants
Herbs: balm of Gilead, hyssop, myrrh, sage, spikenard Colors: light blue, violet
Flowers: primrose
Scents: wisteria, heliotrope
Stones: amethyst, jasper, rock crystal
Trees: rowan, laurel, cedar
Animals: otter, unicorn
Birds: eagle, chickadee
Deities: Brigit, Juno, Kuan Yin, Diana, Demeter, Persephone, Aphrodite
Power Flow: energy working toward the surface; purification, growth, healing. Loving the self. Accepting responsibility for past errors, forgiving yourself, and making future plans.

Our Feast is Potluck!!!

So, if you partake in the feast….. Please bring something to share or a $$$ donation. Your food item should be able to feed at least a eight people.

We encourage you to bring hand instruments  drums, flutes, tambourines, claves, maracas, bells, noise makers, and such.

Please remember to always enter our Circle with an open mind and an open heart.


A caring & loving good deed from the Sublime Elms to help out Joy with her Animal Rescue! Please bring dog or cat food / items to donate.

Check out:

Our dear Nadia came from Joy's Animal Rescue.

Parking is directly across the street from the house. There is a small u shaped street [Fern Circle}, parking is alongside the street.

Please be conscious that others will need to use the street as well, and park accordingly! And, be aware that there needs to be room left for emergency vehicles to pass through.


Feb 10 2017, 6:30pm CST
FL, Orlando, 32803, Circle of the Sublime Elms