Starting 9/20: Call of the Moon: Delving Into Her Mysteries - Berkeley, CA

The world is changing. 
Look up at the moon. 
The world is shifting. 
Look up at the moon. 
The persistent moon. 
The everchanging moon. 

Let us sing the song of waxing and waning, being full and being empty. Let us sing and be sung. Let us find the flow and glow of the moon as an ally. Let us be the ones who move with the tides, the ones who can move with the energies to create change within ourselves and for the world around us.

May we become the shifting, the growing and the shrinking, the movement between potential and realization. And in every moment of transition from out-loud knowing to liminality to deep introspection, may we come to claim our power as witches and and our role as change makers in the world.

This class is a deep exploration of the moon as a divine being, an ally, a beloved friend, and forging an intimate, unmediated, mystical connection with Her. We will move through the elements, through time, the ancestors, and mystery. A cycle of beginning and returning. Where magick begins, renews, reflects, and restores.

In this six-week class, we will explore the cycles of the moon, connecting to the moon as our guide through each of the elements, through time, and to the ancestors and to mystery. We will sing, delve into science, journey through trancework, do embodied work, explore plant medicine and essences, share stories, and make sacred vows. All in service to the moon’s presence, and inviting in the possibility of spontaneous rituals of delight and ecstasy.

Taught by Riyana and Irisanya

When: 6 Wednesdays: September 20-October 25th
Location: Berkeley, CA
Time: 7-10pm
Cost: $100- 300 Sliding Scale
Prerequisites: Elements of Magick or equivalent
Register/questions: or

Sep 20 2017, 9:00pm CDT
CA, Berkeley, 94710, 702 Harrison St