Rebel Radio's "Home Grown Show" 5pm CST

Rebel Radio  

is standing alone in giving the local Metal Upstarts a place to call home with the signature "Home Grown" Show hosted by Radio personality Scott Davidson himself. Every Thursday 5pm Drive Time Scott Interviews metal artists making he music you’re listening to today.

Rebel Radio Chicago and Scott Davidson have been rock'n the airwaves since 1994 with standout metal that sells millions, but, doesn't receive enough airplay on traditional radio stations. The hardest station in the nation, Rebel Radio Chicago stands alone in award-worthy programing. The unique hard rock format and Scott Davidson's voice of personality has build a huge loyal listener base.

Logon your computer or download the TUNEIN AP and listen on your smartphone or tablet – Rebel Radio is giving new metal bands airplay every hour. Send your song files to Scott Davidson

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Repeats every week every Thursday until Thu May 03 2018.
May 14 2015, 5:00pm CDT