Please pray for strength Your fellow friendly pagans need you

I have messaged privately with a few of you who are having a hard time of it right now.  Maybe a family member has passed and you're taking care of the new life adjustment. Maybe you're talking care of an elderly parent, or maybe a job loss has devastated the family, or in my case... Johnson & Johnson has stopped subsidizing my father's medical costs and taken him off the very medicine that has kept him alive. BTW 12 thousand a month. 

I request strength. I ask that even tho you dont know their names that  you pray for your fellow friendly pagan. send strength, or write a note here of support. Just knowing that there is someone out there for a few seconds reading this and thought of me in compassion helps me greatly.  And I want these people, these friendly pagan members to know that I am sending love and light their way. You will get through this... it's just time. And if you  wait long enough, you will be on the other side. Sharing helps. thank you for sharing with me.

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Sending prayers, strength,

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Sending prayers, strength, and positive energy to you and your parents at this difficult time. My heart goes out to you and your family. My elderly (93 yr old) mom is in a similar position so I empathize with your situation. It is hard enough to see our parents getting older and their needs and care increase. But to add unnecessary medical  burdens and the repercussions makes it even worse. Always in my thoughts. 

Oh no!  Prayers for you, your

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Oh no!  Prayers for you, your father and your family!

I managed to resolve mom's Great Vacuum Cleaner Catastrophe of 2017 yesterday and was utterly exhausted by the emotional toll.  It truly sucked!  However, that is nothing compared to what you are dealing with.

It is especially tough when we are the only support our parents have.  Stay strong for them, but make time to recharge and support yourself emotionally too.