Healing for my family and me, Please...

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We have had a rough year and a half. July 2015 my 36 year old son died, then July 2016 my Mother died, then December 2016 my snake died, then January 2017 my father died. There has been a lot of loss and we could use all the positive energy that anyone can spare. I'm sorry that I have not been on here to help but things have been rather crazy in my life, especially since I have had to take care of everything my self without any help from my siblings. Thank you in advance and Blessed Be to ALL!

Rev Shari, HPs

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I have been thinking about

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I have been thinking about you and sending you energy.  My parents and pets are very old and you are living my future right now. I send energy, stamina and strength your way. But most of all, Shari - I send a hug! :) Pam

How are things going, honey?

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How are things going, honey? From all of us here at Friendly Pagans... we're thinking about you.