Be a teacher at Lothlorian this Elf

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I promise to gently guide by my own actions to clean up the sinks at the bathrooms. This is a yearly Elf thing for me and it has to be done. I am trying to lead by example by A)> staying positive as I type this  and B)>  promise to explain and share the "cleaning" story as Im at the sinks... cleaning it for the next guy. 

So mote it be! Amen... Hail my Goddess Athena I will keep a smile on my face and task with love.


As part of my promise I hereby join the Order of: 

Promise Start Date: 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Full Name / Magickal Name: 

Pam M


Elvin H.O.M.E. - Lothlorien Nature Sanctuary


I like this... I always make

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I like this... I always make sure to clean up my spot at the sink.  This just cements it.