3rd Annual Weekend Pagan Party

We are having a Funky Karma Weekend Pagan Party! Come join in the fun, free classes, free lunch, vendors in the backyard, retail shopping extravaganza.

Tarot, and Oracle Reading's $15.00. Egg Cleansing $15.00. Reiki $15.00, Rune Reading's $15.00. The event is sponsored by Funky Karma. 

Oct 14 2017, 10:00am CDT
NM, Las Cruces, 88005, 3207 S. Main St


Sounds awesome. We live in

David Warren's picture

Sounds awesome. We live in Northern New Mexico though, so it's a long drive. If we can make it we'd love to!

I'm definitely putting this

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I'm definitely putting this event on my calendar.  We live up north in Espanola, but if we can make the drive to Las Cruces, we'll be there!


Glad to hear that you live

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Glad to hear that you live close to the Pagan Weekend Party! Unfortunately I don't! If either of you get a chance to attend, please post a comment/review. Let us all know about your experience there!! 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


We'll be happy to if we can

David Warren's picture

We'll be happy to if we can make it there.

Thanks David! Looking forward

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Thanks David! Looking forward to it.